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Meetingpoint: Tietgenkollegiet, Rued Langgaards Vej 1 Finish: 8tallet Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes. Price: 4300 DKK
Maximum of participants: 25 pax

This tour focuses on the architectural highlights in Ørestad namely the Tietgen Dormitory, Bjarke Ingels' VM houses, the Mountain Dwelling and Bjarke Ingel's 8House. On this tour I will take you through all three neighbourhoods of Ørestad and also point of new areas in Ørestad that are being developed  - eg. the Arena district where multi arena Royal Arena is being build at the moment. The Royal Arena will open in 2017 and host international music- and sportevents.

CITY WALK IN ØRESTAD SYD Duration: app. 2 hours. Meeting point: Vestamager Metrostation at the 'M column' Price: 3000 DKK
Maximum of participants: 25 pax

Roaring deer and cows in the backyard, tourists who are amazed by the innovative architecture and incomparable sunsets and residents who grow their own carrots on the rooftop of their modern homes. That is what caracterize the southern part of Ørestad. On this tour, you come quite close to life in Ørestad, when I tell you about the latest city trends, the residents in Ørestad Syd, new nordic architecture, local stories and the huge nature reserve Kalvebod Common. We stretch our legs at 'Plug and Play', where the district's young people practice Parkour. Maybe you will get a little dirt under your fingernails at the premises of Urban Gardens. We will get a great overview of Ørestad and Copenhagen City when we walk in ‘eights’ on top of Bjarke Ingels' (BIG) famous award winning 8House. We move around Stævnen (the Bow) where the first ‘Ørestad pioneers’ settled in 2009. We also take a look at ‘the green colored house’- which houses the elderly citizens in Ørestad in brand new modern homes. I tell you about the history of Ørestad and the latest plans for the so called Arena District, where the architects 3XN will build Royal Arena, which will house big music and sports event and open in the beginning of 2017. The Arena Quarter will be 'a small city in the city' attracting lots of children families who are looking for social and sustainable communities while still having their own private row house. 

CITY WALK IN ØRESTAD CITY: Meetingpoint: Ørestad Metrostation at the M column Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes Price: 3300 DKK
Maximum of participants: 25 pax.

See “The Copenhagen Manhattan” namely Ørestad City, where new impressive architecture is skyrocketing everyday. On the Ørestad City Tour you get to see the urban development at close range. More and more families choose Ørestad City, due to the modern homes and the large green areas that encourages outdoor activity. For example, you can have your very own urban garden - namely the 'underground gardens' just below the Metro high line. Also large business such as Ramböll chooses Ørestad as the city has a strategic location to Copenhagen airport and is a traffic hub, where you can quickly get from A to B. On the Ørestad City Tour we take a look at Ramböll Headquarter, the brand new School, the modern Ørestad library and the most sought college in Copenhagen namely Ørestad College by the architects 3XN. On the tour we also test the district's newest urban spaces, namely " the islands" located in the canal along Ørestad Boulevard. The islands form urban spaces that might encourage you to play or to take a midday break while enjoying a coffee. The tour also goes to Bjarke Ingels' (BIG) award winning building “The Mountain”. We pass the City Park to the design hotel Bella Sky Comwell. 

8HOUSE - WALKING PRESENTATION: Meeting Point: Cafe 8, Richard Mortensens Vej 81 Duration: 1 hour Price: 3500 DKK
Maximum of participants: 25 pax
This is a one hour presentation that explores the famous 8House by Bjarke Ingels Group as concept architecture and social architecture.
I eloborate on how this building is part of a new Experience Design that has to meet a lot of new needs and purposes. 
What do you except as a resident to 'get' when you buy an apartment in the 8House?
I also tell you the story how Bjarke Ingels Group wanted to build an entire village in one building resembling an Italian Mountain Village. How do you create a village on a bare field that is so large, that it actually balances between urban planning and housing. 
This presentation is for the spectator who wants a deeper analysis of the 8House and does not want to walk that much. 

ART AND URBAN SPACE IN ØRESTAD - WALKING PRESENTATION Meeting point: Bella center Metrostation at 'the M column' Finish: 8tallet, Richard Mortensens Vej 81 Duration: 3 hours Price: 4500 DKK. Maxiumum of participants: 25 pax
Explore Ørestads art, street art, sculptures and urban spaces on this tour. Ørestad has worked with street art as a strategic tool for urban development. I will eloborate on this topic and show you examples of planned street art and 'normal' street art in the different urban spaces. From Ørestads birth 13 years ago art has been an important part of the strategic planing to create vital and interessting urban spaces. I will show you how sculptures and modern ornamentatin on buidlings contribute to Ørestad's identity. 

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